Friday, May 24, 2013

Brynns Arrival 5-13-2013

Here we Go!!!!!!!

So May  13, 2013 it’s “ D Day” up and out the door at 5 am, ready to meet sweet Brynn Faith! We have been waiting for this day for 9 LONG months…..soooo ready, set, go…..right??? Yes but my feet couldn’t move, I felt numb all over, I was so excited but so scared at the same time. Ready to meet our sweet girl, but not sure If I am ready for what is all to come, let alone the thought of TWO kids!!!! But we get in the car and head to the hospital, praying the entire way there. “ God, please let everything go smooth, let the doctors be on their “A” game today, let me be able to have a natural birth, but most of all let Brynn WOW the doctors and come out fighting!” Almost all of those things happened, the doctors were prepared, I had a natural delivery…but when Brynn came out there was no fighting in her….just silence and blue….she was blue and not moving…’s so strange how the world can stand still when you’re waiting for that sweet sound of your baby to cry, even with 15 people in the room, making all kinds of noise…you just focus in on her.

                Birthing her was not the easiest…We knew she was going to be big…but not 9lbs,3oz big!!! OUCH!!!! Let me tell you! The whole starting process wasn’t bad at all…we got there, I was contracting already so they let me just progress on my own for a little bit, but about 10:00am the hooked me up to Pitocin, and we started the process. Around 12:15pm my Doctor came in and checked me, I was dilated to a 4 ½ and doing good. I started to really feel my contractions and knowing what it felt like to deliver a baby with no pain meds, I wasn’t really wanting to do that again…little did I know that is what would happen, but I will get to that later. So they came in gave me my epidural and broke my water and at this point I was a strong 6. Did this epidural work!!! YES IT DID….for the time being…I couldn’t feel a thing…so different from Brody, so nice! Well after my epidural my labor slowed down for a little bit but quickly picked back up. So around 4:30 my OB came in and checked me…I was a 10 and ready….so we started to try and push…but nothing was happening….I was so numb that I couldn’t feel anything to push….so here we go again with no pain meds. My Doctor said…turn the epidural down, and let her sit for about 30 min and we’ll try again later. WHAT!! TURN IT DOWN…ARE YOU CRAZY…YOU DON’T HAVE A CHILD FIXING TO BREAK THROUGH YOU!!!!  WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO ME? LOL but it was for the best, I couldn’t feel my toes, and I really needed to  know when to push but still OUCH….Well 30 minutes passes by and I can feel the contractions and pressure of her…so I knew no turning back now….ready, set PUSH, PUSH, PUSH……for 25 minutes all I could hear was… “ PUSH FOR ME AGAIN….COUNT TO TEN AND LETS DO THIS AGAIN” and then, things got REAL…..REAL FAST!!!!! I hear Dr. Ivey say…I need another nurse in here NOW!!! So I knew something wasn’t right…and I was in so much pain I couldn’t breathe. All of sudden I look up to two nurses on top of my pushing on my stomach and telling me “ you need to push NOW!!!!” I am thinking “ I am, what do you think I am doing, playing cards” LOL but the look in their eyes, I knew something was not right….so I pushed and when I say I pushed….every ounce of my was throbbing and burning!!!  Dr. Ivey looked at me and said “We need her out now” and within 10 seconds…Brynn Faith was here! 6:17 PM  9LBS 3OZ. I was so relieved!! But things weren’t right…I could tell by the look in people’s faces. I start immediate asking “What’s wrong, why isn’t she crying” and I just kept getting the answer…. “Calm down Kellie, she will be fine” but you know when you’re a momma when something isn’t right with your child…let alone the crazy starring going on from all the people in the room.  I looked to my left and could see the Neonatal team working with her….and then I saw the tube sticking out of her mouth….and it hit me….she wasn’t breathing and they were trying to get her breathing! So start to panic….freak out mode I remember crying and just looking at Chase for reassurance….he was so wonderful! He just looked at me as soft as he could and kept telling me she is great, and beautiful! If I haven’t said it yet, he is amazing! Chase I love you more than you know. Your strength and your faith is wonderful, thank you for being so calm and gentle during that time, actually you have been so amazing throughout this entire situation, from holding my hand, to changing Brynn’s diapers, to taking the bumps in the road slowly….literally! HAHA! Thank you so much love!

Finally the Doctors got Brynn breathing on her own and cleaned up a little…Still thinking I wouldn’t be able to hold her when she was born because she would be so critical I was shocked and awed when they handed her to me! I GET TO HOLD HER!!!!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!! Tears of joy quickly came over me and I remember just looking at her with so much love. I remember talking to my mother about how am I going to love someone else the way I love Brody…let me tell you it happens. God gives us what we need to have the capacity to love so much, just another one of his amazing blessings!  I wanted Brody to come in immediately after delivery to meet his new sister, so after I was ok, and Brynn was stable in walked Brody, my family was complete! I looked at both of my children and stood (layed really but you know what I mean) in awe of God’s work. How am I worthy of these blessings in my life….I couldn’t be sappy to long because when Brody walked in to see Brynn…he looked at Chase and said “ Daddy, she’s dirty she needs a bath.” That couldn’t have been better timing we all needed that laugh after the craziness that just occurred.  The doctors took Brynn down to the Neonatal unit and told me when I could walk I could see her….3 hours later I was next to her looking at how amazing she was. THANK YOU GOD!!!! And she was breathing on her own! Another answered prayer!!!
Thank you all for your prayers and support. Please keep them coming as we will need them. I will update more on our journey with Brynn shortly.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Last " Big" Appt day

Hi there!!!! First off Chase and I want to thank you all so much for the support, prayers, and for wearing Brynn's shirts! So as you know we had our last big day of doctor’s appointments
But of course before we get there...we have to have some form of entertainment....We are coming into the parking garage and Chase decided to roll the windows down and act like we are on a roller coaster ride and hold his had up in the air....we both laughed...then sat back and realized as this was fun at the moment...our life is literally fixing to be exactly that....a roller coaster ride. But at least we know who our operator is....GOD.
Then as I am getting out of the car....yes is is very difficult some thinks it's funny to crack jokes...Me not so much...but he tells me " Stop, and Waddle with it" LOL I couldn't help but laugh because he cracked him self up so much!!! ( he thinks he is a comedian) I guess its better that what he told me when I was pregnant with Brody ( I was 9 months, laying in bed and asked him to help me up and he says " Come on up big birthhhhhmother" realizing what he was about to say something wrong...he quickly tried to cover up the "big birtha" part with "big birth mother" LOL It' hilarious now....then not so much! But I really do have an amazing husband, hes been so amazing through out this entire thing and has been so understanding with my hormones I couldn't ask for a better spouse!!
We had our echo cardiogram at 10. Unfortunately the scan showed no growth of the mitral valve or aortic arch. However there is still a possibility that they will be able to use both sides of her heart. We still need prayer for the mitral valve and aortic arch to grow and to be able to use both sides of her heart. Our next appointment was with the neonatologist that will be caring for Brynn after she is born. He was very nice to talk to and very informative about the care Brynn will have after birth. He also said there is a possibility that we might get to hold her for a minute after she is born! I AM SOOOO Hoping for this....of course whatever is in her best interest we will do, but I really want to hold her. Our next appointment was the fetal ultrasound and specialist. We got to see her sweet profile…which looks very similar to Brody J This visit is to make sure all of her other organs are forming and growing properly. They worry with “heart” babies that if there is a heart defect, there is a good chance there might be other issues, but so far so good with Brynn J She is going to be a good size baby…weighing in at 7lbs 12oz already….so that is a good thing! But I AM very nervous to have a 10lb baby! LOL! So over all today was an “ok” day. We are realizing that our life probably won’t ever be “normal” again but this will be our “new normal” and we know that GOD is completely involved so we feel a really good peace about it. We ask for continued prayers for Brynn, our family and other families going through this or even worse things. They are expecting Brynn  to make her arrival sometime in the first weeks of May. We will keep you all posted and updated as things progress with her.
Chase and I want you to know you can ask questions, call or text us anytime. if we don't get back right away its because we are in the middle of something, but we will return phone calls and texts. Please share our blog and FB page with others...not only for Prayers for Brynn, but to make awareness for all others with Cardio problems. Chase and I didn't realize the quantity of Heart babies, or even people in this world, but it is in abundance!!! So please WHEN you pray for Brynn...say a prayer for all those others that need it too.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

28 weeks and Growth

Hello there!!!! I hope you all are doing wonderful. Chase and I want to thank each one of you for praying for us and Brynn through out this journey. We can not get through this with out you or your prayers. We will still be asking for prayers, especially for Growth with her heart and to continue to develop properly.

So today 2/26/2012 we had several visits, One at 9:30 for a fetal ultra sound, one at 10:40 for an Echocardiagram, and the last to meet my new OB/GYN who will deliver Brynn. So today was a LONG day but actually a good day.
The Fetal ultra sound went VERY Well. You know the drill by now....Lay down, shirt up, goop on and lay there for about an hour...but this time Chase got to experience a little of the "goop" the ultra sound tech was lubing me all up and flung a huge glob of "goop" on chase! HAHAHA the look on his face was priceless...I laughed and kinda got a little satisfaction with this LOL, I told him, I am sorry but I do not feel sorry for you! HAHA.
 We got to see Brynn up close and personal. She was not shy....and just so you know...she is still a SHE! LOL Brynn is measuring perfect for gestational age. She weighs 2 lbs 13oz and has HAIR....I saw it! it was Crazy! She was waving and showing off for everyone! But the Fetal doctor said she was doing " Wonderful". YAY BLESSINGS, PRAISE GOD!
Sometimes with " Heart Babies" other things can be wrong with the baby but Brynn seems to be just perfect!

So on to our Echo- another hour long test. We really like our " Team of Doctors" they are so kind and compassionate. So after the Echo ( heart test) we go back for a consult with the Cardiologist so she can go over what they see.....the 10 minutes it takes for her to get back to us is always so nerve racking....just what to know what is going on.

Dr. Altman comes in with the echo results....." THERE HAS BEEN GROWTH" I am sorry...come again!!! I wanted to jump up and down for joy and cry at the same time. Now don't get me wrong she IS still having problems with her heart BUT THERE IS GROWTH!!!!! The Mitral valve has grown a little, the right ventricle seems to have a little better flow and the length of her left ventricle is just as long as the right ventricle...PRAISE GOD!!!! Brynn still has LONG way to go but these are big steps for what we are dealing with...I know that it's God and your prayers that are getting her there! We ask to please continue to pray for growth and for her to continue to thrive like she is!! We are staying positive with realistic expectations. BUT with GOD all is possible. She still needs the Aortic Arch to grow, the left ventricle of her heart to grow and the mitral and aortic valves to grow more but I know with the progression we had today that it can happen!

So the Appt with my new OB/GYN....I really liked him, very kind, and understanding and helpful. He actually reminds me alot of my OB/GYN...(Dr. S) so I know God is totally looking out for me when it comes to my health too!

So all in all today was a great day with wonderful blessings. Thank you again for all your prayers!

Just and FYI we will start selling shirts for Brynn in support of her and others with CHD they will say " Brynn's Faithful <3" They will be Black with white lettering and a Red heart. If you think you might want one go a head and send me a mess, or text and We will start getting them ordered $15. My goal is to have everyone wear them the day of Brynn's surgery and take a picture of it so I can show her all the people who supported her!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

It's Starting to feel Real....

So it's been a while since the last time I posted....not really to much going on right now.
We did find out we are going to deliver in the medical center at the women's pavilion attached to Texas Children's hospital. Chase and I will meet the new team of doctor's Tuesday February 26th. We will have a fetal ultra sound done and another echo cardiogram done, then we will meet the the OB/GYN that will deliver me. His name is Dr. Ivey, I have heard really good things about him.

         That being said, this past Sunday was a hard day for me for some reason, I got up and was OK, but when I got in the shower and could hear Brody talking to chase I lost it....such a flood of emotions....( does a good cry count when your in the shower?) I just kept thinking about having to be away from Brody for any period of time...I mean this little boy, my everything for 2 1/2 years has been my world...I love him so much I never want to be one day away from him and now I will be.... How do I tell him, Mommy and Daddy won't be home every night, or that sissy isn't feeling good and she will have to stay at the hospital to get better. As a parent you don't ever want to be away from your children ( breaks are nice and all but after a day or two its enough) So I am struggling with that. I know that we have an AMAZING support team and so many people have offered to help with Brody which is so nice, but it is still very hard. I don't ever what him to feel second best or neglected in any way. So please pray for peace for Chase and I with not being with Brody everyday. We have made an agreement that we will NOT go more than 48hrs with out seeing him and spending the day or night with him. If you have ever been around wouldn't want to be with out him...he's just an amazing child...I know I am his mom but dang that child is one of a kind!!! Its amazing how God does things giving Brody to us first, he is so kind, and loving yet so funny and crazy...I know he is going to be the best care giver for Brynn, I am so excited to see them interact.

        So I get out of the shower and then another wave of emotions hit me...tomorrow ( Monday February 4th 2013) is my last OB visit with my AMAZING OB...I know ,who is that attached to their OB/GYN?...well I am...LOL he has been my doctor since I had Brody, he was amazing...he is a wonderful Christan man that genuinely cares for you. We had some fertility issues with Brody and he was so supportive and caring, and helpful...let alone when I gave birth, what an amazing experience that was. So yeah, I got attached to him and his nurse. His nurse so just as sweet and kind, and so personable, I couldn't ask for better care, I don't know if they will ever know what they mean to me and how much I appreciate them, you get comfortable with people who are apart of the most intimate times in your life...and knowing that they won't be there anymore ( which I know if I needed them they would be) is really hard. It makes this situation kind of seem...Real. I know it's real I have seen the pictures and talked to the Cardiologist but until you are 100% full force in the situation, you can kinda still push it to the back of your mind. This was kind of the last puzzle piece...changing doctors. So I cried again...

    By this time Chase realizes that my " poles are crossing" ( he says this when I have freak out moments and he doesn't understand why! HAHAHAHA) So the look on his face was so sweet and confused at the same time...but he didn't ask any questions he just held me and let me cry....I sure did hit the jack pot when I married him. He's my best friend...and I thank God daily for him. He has stood by me and loves me unconditionally I couldn't ask for a better Husband and father to our Children. So Chase, thank you for being there for me...I love you more than you can ever imagine, you truly are my better half!!!

 Church was GREAT....just what we needed to hear! I think obstacles are put in our way sometimes and it would be so much easier just to fall to defeat, but the God gives you that extra push that you need...THANK YOU LORD!!! I have learned through this situation so far...that God really wants you to lean on him, and take your burdens, joys and anything else you have and give them to him. He wants to be strong for you. So I am letting him

I have been pretty strong so far...and I feel really good about things and know that GOD is in control, but I know its normal to have some days where is just down right hard...I am sure I will have several of them, and I am OK with that...but I know that with God and my family and Friends we will get though this....It could always be worse....we are being blessed thorough out this entire situation and are just in awe of God's work so far.

I want to thank my Parents too: I called them Sunday night...I just really wanted to hear their mom was asleep so my Dad answered...we talked for a little bit, he said he was watching foot ball, I said I was watching Dirty Dancing...BEST MOVIE EVER!! LOL and his response was " No body puts baby in a corner" LOL this movie means so much to me...odd yes, but it does. No matter what or where my dad and Are we  can start talking about it and it brings a smile and so many memories back to me ...and not to mention the " Lift" I don't know how I didn't break my dad's we must have done that a million times...I loved was obsessed with this! And my dad never complained about doing it, not once. So after we laugh and talk for a little bit, I guess he could sense something wasn't right..parent's intuition I he asks me if everything is ok....and I guess in the middle of him asking he wakes my mom up or she wakes up, but either way he knew I was fixing to need them both. AND I DID!!!!! I let them know about everything I said above and they just listen, comfort, and tell me all the right things. I truly appreciate you mom and two are such inspirations to me, I love you so much and I am so blessed to have amazing roll models like you!!! Thank you for instilling such amazing morals in Tabitha and I ....we are who we are because of you( even though I am the favorite and much more FAB...LOL ).

 Tabitha, thank you so much for being my best friend, my go to person, the person I confide in yet YOU never judge me....I LOVE YOU  big time sissy!!!!

Thank you to all who have shown supports, called, text, FB hugged us, have no idea what angels you are to Chase and I. We ask for your prayers to continue. If you have questions please don't hesitate to ask we don't mind...really. But thank you all so much!!!!
We are excited to take this journey with you all!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Third appt at Texas Children's

January 23rd
Ok, Drop off Brody with his sitter by 7:45 and head to Houston to Texas Children's, traffic really wasn't that bad so we go there about 35 minutes early.

Chase and I sat in the waiting room for a little while until the cardiologist came to get us to start the echo cardiogram.
 So you know the drill by now, shirt up, pants down a little, and goop on! READY SET GO!!! GO....GO....OK an hour and thirty minutes later we are done with the echo. This little girl was on the move, she is very active..which is a good thing. Anyway we go in to the " counsel room" and sit down with two cardiologist, they bring diagrams, information about Brynn's heart. Then go on to tell us that they do not think at this point its SEVERE HLHS....however it can very easily become this. We need Brynn's Aortic valve and Mitral valve to grow and have good flow to increase the chances of it NOT being SEVERE HLHS. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray specifically that they grow. We do know there will be a surgery within a week of birth to fix a severe Aortic Arch obstruction at the least. We feel very positive, and know that GOD is so amazing. We have been praying so much for God to show us where he wants us to be, and we believe that he is calling us to Texas Children's. We know that Hermann is an amazing hospital and have a lot to be thankful for with them, but it just feels "right" with Texas Children's. We will go back in about 4 weeks to meet with the Fetal team, Cardiology team and OB team. Chase and I just really thank you all so much for your compassion, prayers and just full on support!!! We ask you to please continue as we need all of you prayers we can get. God is so good....PRAISE HIM IN ALL YOU DO!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Third Appt

So we have a Miracle right....Wrong!!!! January 15th 6:30 am were on our way to Hermann in the Medical center...we stayed at my sister and brother in law's house the night before thinking it would be easier to get through traffic and stuff...NOPE NOT AT ALL! Thanks Houston Traffic...your horrible...but on a good note, I have an amazing sister and Brother in law that are so supportive and wonderful and they kept Brody for us that day....

So we FINALLY get there through the rain, cold and backed up traffic...We walk in to the Hospital and this wonderful woman named Courtney greets us and just takes my hand and is so kind, warm and understanding. She takes us back to the ultrasound room, ( we have two appts this day the Fetal appt to check Brynn's organs and growth and Echo Cardiogram) So the Fetal appt is first...Great here we go again...I should be used to exposing myself, but when your stomach looks like the Texas road map and your " Christan fish" tattoo that you have on your hip has turned in to a's a little embarrassing! LOL But here we go again..Pull the shirt up, pants down and goop me up, I am ready!!
  This ultra sound takes about 45 minutes also...the tech is really sweet. After she is done she sends in the Fetal Dr...We really liked him very kind, yet straight forward. He told us he agreed with the doctor we had at the last appt that he didn't really feel it was HLHS but we needed to go get the Echo cardiogram done first and then come back to see him after we were done there, so we could discuss there findings and what the game plan on delivery was. So Courtney is waiting for us smiling and walking us over to our Echo appt.

SERIOUSLY....AGAIN more goop and exposure...I am going to become a nudest before long with all this "hanging out!!!" LOL We start the echo cardiogram...the Tech is very nice she is bubbly and just's very dark and quite and warm in this room...nice place to take a nap...I think I even dosed off a second...she is very intense as to what she is doing, this has gone on for about and hour, when the Pediatric Cardiologist walks in....She sits down takes the   wand of the machine and continues to look over Brynn's Heart...after about 15 minutes I am so relaxed thinking everything will just fine....but then all of sudden I hear her tell her Tech..." ok so this valve measures what? ok and right down Hypo plastic...and this is what measurement is what?" UMMMMM EXCUSE ME WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY!!....I look at her and I know exactly what I heard....she turns to me and says hold on one moment and I will draw you a pictures....WHAT THE WORLD...IM NOT 5 WOMAN TELL ME WHAT YOU SAID AND THEN YOU CAN BE THE ART TEACHER!!....She finishes what she is doing and gets a diagram and starts drawing a picture of Brynn's Heart...basically telling us that is looks like this is HLHS and that there needs to be growth in the Mitrual  Valve for things to look better....all I can think is BREATHE....BREATHE....BREATHE but I can't I catch my breath, I can move, I can't do anything...then it hits me....the gut wrenching, bottom of your stomach whole body movement cry....I don't think I have ever cried so hard, so loud in my life.

My poor husband, he was amazing....He got up from the Chair grabbed me and didn't let me go. Here I am devastated as I am sure he is to, yet he only worries about me( if you don't know already HE IS AMAZING!!!) God really gave me the most amazing partner in life when he gave me Chase.This news was total shock to us, we thought we were in the clear of HLHS, but now were not....again...I start pleading with God in my mind..." Lord, please this can't were supposed to work a miracle, we were told something different already two weeks ago. WHY GOD WHY?" I cried for a good 15 minutes..I think cry is an understatement....I was is hysterics. So as I am crying the cardiologist asks me if I have any questions....REALLY, RIGHT NOW YOUR ASKING THIS...of course I have questions, Millions...but I can't even force my mouth to take shape to speak...I was numb again.

What do you say when you get this kind of's not fair, I don't understand...why did God choose us for this? What about Her is she OK in there now... then the word is spoken..SURGERY....scariest word ever when dealing with your children....But this is what we are faced with. SO as of now we are dealing with HLHS. She will have open heart surgery with in the first week of life and then follow up with at least two more surgery's with in the First two years of life. Chase and I believe in our amazing God, we know is is might and we know he has a plan....just think of all of you praying for her already...God loves when we come to him and give him all glory and that is exactly what we are doing. We know that no matter what, this is God's plan and we trust him 100%.

WE ARE going to Texas Children's tomorrow kind of for a second opinion but really just to see which hospital we feel is the best fit for our situation. Please be praying for the Doctors to have a clear view of her heart and be able tell us exactly what is going on. WE thank you for following this blog, the prayers and support... Please keep them coming. If you have questions please ask we don't mind!!! We will update tomorrow on what they tell us at Texas Children's. God bless each one of you!!!

Second Appt

So it's Christmas....lots to do, shopping, family time, eating...( I was really excited about all the food!!! LOL) We spent the weekend before Christmas with my mom and dad's family...all of us together...Aunt's, Uncle's, Grandparents, everyone...even my nephew Zaden's birth mother and was a wonderful time! God really blessed us this last year. Zaden my sweet adorable nephew was born and became apart of our lives in March of 2012...So we had so much to celebrate and be thankful this Christmas. Chase and I tried really hard not to let all the worry over come us during this time, but of course its hard, but we have to focus on the blessings we have already. Christmas eve was spent with the Kaiser side of the was very nice...everyone got together, played a white elephant game, we ate ( again loved the and just really had a nice time. Christmas day was spent with My Mother in law, sisters in law, and my husband's Grandfather...We truly are blessed with amazing family on all sides!!!

So we get through Christmas and have our next appt scheduled January 2....So we ask everyone...anyone please be praying for a miracle. We wanted a miracle so bad we could taste it. My Mom, Dad and Mother in law were with Chase and I. It felt good to have that support. So my " Pose" and I walk into the ultra sound room to look at our little GIRL, still hard to believe we are having a girl.
   You know the routine now...pull the shirt up, put goop on and watch the screen...and maybe the face of the tech...just maybe by a reaction of facial expression so we can get a feel for what is going on, but she was pretty much stone faced. So about 45 minutes goes by and she is done with what she has to do, and gets the doctor to come in and talk to us. The doctor walks in sits down looks over the ultra sound and starts talking. He was very kind, very explanatory and willing to answer any and all questions. He proceeds to tell us he thinks Brynn has Aortic Coartaion, which is basically were some of the blood isn't flowing like it should....I am thinking " the same time I am having to remind my self to breathe again." He proceeds to let us know that this is a heart disorder that is treatable, and he has several patients with this same thing, and they live normal healthy lives every day!!! SO I breathe and say " so your telling me its NOT HLHS....FOR SURE?" his response....that is what I am telling you, I again say It's not Hypo plastic Left Heart? he again says that is correct I do not believe its HLHS....
Here come the water works again...Belly flopping up and down and this time it even more odd because I have an audience...LOL so they get to see my stomach looking like a bounce house with now kids jumping on it! HA! Then Chase says so this isn't what we originally thought? And again we here " No, it's not" PRAISE GOD!!!!! We have a miracle!!!! The doctor still wants us to go see a Fetal Cardiologist in the Medical Center and have a fetal echo cardiogram done just to check on this " Aortic Coartation" No biggie, we got this!! Better to be safe than sorry and more prepared. So we leave there with so much off our shoulders and happy tears rather than devastating tears....I even posted on FB the amazing News...and you know when it hits FB its official! LOL

So will will see the doctors 4 weeks later to have the echo cardiogram done and go from there. Still praising God, and walking with God through this journey were ready for this we thought.