Friday, May 24, 2013

Brynns Arrival 5-13-2013

Here we Go!!!!!!!

So May  13, 2013 it’s “ D Day” up and out the door at 5 am, ready to meet sweet Brynn Faith! We have been waiting for this day for 9 LONG months…..soooo ready, set, go…..right??? Yes but my feet couldn’t move, I felt numb all over, I was so excited but so scared at the same time. Ready to meet our sweet girl, but not sure If I am ready for what is all to come, let alone the thought of TWO kids!!!! But we get in the car and head to the hospital, praying the entire way there. “ God, please let everything go smooth, let the doctors be on their “A” game today, let me be able to have a natural birth, but most of all let Brynn WOW the doctors and come out fighting!” Almost all of those things happened, the doctors were prepared, I had a natural delivery…but when Brynn came out there was no fighting in her….just silence and blue….she was blue and not moving…’s so strange how the world can stand still when you’re waiting for that sweet sound of your baby to cry, even with 15 people in the room, making all kinds of noise…you just focus in on her.

                Birthing her was not the easiest…We knew she was going to be big…but not 9lbs,3oz big!!! OUCH!!!! Let me tell you! The whole starting process wasn’t bad at all…we got there, I was contracting already so they let me just progress on my own for a little bit, but about 10:00am the hooked me up to Pitocin, and we started the process. Around 12:15pm my Doctor came in and checked me, I was dilated to a 4 ½ and doing good. I started to really feel my contractions and knowing what it felt like to deliver a baby with no pain meds, I wasn’t really wanting to do that again…little did I know that is what would happen, but I will get to that later. So they came in gave me my epidural and broke my water and at this point I was a strong 6. Did this epidural work!!! YES IT DID….for the time being…I couldn’t feel a thing…so different from Brody, so nice! Well after my epidural my labor slowed down for a little bit but quickly picked back up. So around 4:30 my OB came in and checked me…I was a 10 and ready….so we started to try and push…but nothing was happening….I was so numb that I couldn’t feel anything to push….so here we go again with no pain meds. My Doctor said…turn the epidural down, and let her sit for about 30 min and we’ll try again later. WHAT!! TURN IT DOWN…ARE YOU CRAZY…YOU DON’T HAVE A CHILD FIXING TO BREAK THROUGH YOU!!!!  WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO ME? LOL but it was for the best, I couldn’t feel my toes, and I really needed to  know when to push but still OUCH….Well 30 minutes passes by and I can feel the contractions and pressure of her…so I knew no turning back now….ready, set PUSH, PUSH, PUSH……for 25 minutes all I could hear was… “ PUSH FOR ME AGAIN….COUNT TO TEN AND LETS DO THIS AGAIN” and then, things got REAL…..REAL FAST!!!!! I hear Dr. Ivey say…I need another nurse in here NOW!!! So I knew something wasn’t right…and I was in so much pain I couldn’t breathe. All of sudden I look up to two nurses on top of my pushing on my stomach and telling me “ you need to push NOW!!!!” I am thinking “ I am, what do you think I am doing, playing cards” LOL but the look in their eyes, I knew something was not right….so I pushed and when I say I pushed….every ounce of my was throbbing and burning!!!  Dr. Ivey looked at me and said “We need her out now” and within 10 seconds…Brynn Faith was here! 6:17 PM  9LBS 3OZ. I was so relieved!! But things weren’t right…I could tell by the look in people’s faces. I start immediate asking “What’s wrong, why isn’t she crying” and I just kept getting the answer…. “Calm down Kellie, she will be fine” but you know when you’re a momma when something isn’t right with your child…let alone the crazy starring going on from all the people in the room.  I looked to my left and could see the Neonatal team working with her….and then I saw the tube sticking out of her mouth….and it hit me….she wasn’t breathing and they were trying to get her breathing! So start to panic….freak out mode I remember crying and just looking at Chase for reassurance….he was so wonderful! He just looked at me as soft as he could and kept telling me she is great, and beautiful! If I haven’t said it yet, he is amazing! Chase I love you more than you know. Your strength and your faith is wonderful, thank you for being so calm and gentle during that time, actually you have been so amazing throughout this entire situation, from holding my hand, to changing Brynn’s diapers, to taking the bumps in the road slowly….literally! HAHA! Thank you so much love!

Finally the Doctors got Brynn breathing on her own and cleaned up a little…Still thinking I wouldn’t be able to hold her when she was born because she would be so critical I was shocked and awed when they handed her to me! I GET TO HOLD HER!!!!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!! Tears of joy quickly came over me and I remember just looking at her with so much love. I remember talking to my mother about how am I going to love someone else the way I love Brody…let me tell you it happens. God gives us what we need to have the capacity to love so much, just another one of his amazing blessings!  I wanted Brody to come in immediately after delivery to meet his new sister, so after I was ok, and Brynn was stable in walked Brody, my family was complete! I looked at both of my children and stood (layed really but you know what I mean) in awe of God’s work. How am I worthy of these blessings in my life….I couldn’t be sappy to long because when Brody walked in to see Brynn…he looked at Chase and said “ Daddy, she’s dirty she needs a bath.” That couldn’t have been better timing we all needed that laugh after the craziness that just occurred.  The doctors took Brynn down to the Neonatal unit and told me when I could walk I could see her….3 hours later I was next to her looking at how amazing she was. THANK YOU GOD!!!! And she was breathing on her own! Another answered prayer!!!
Thank you all for your prayers and support. Please keep them coming as we will need them. I will update more on our journey with Brynn shortly.

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