Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Third appt at Texas Children's

January 23rd
Ok, Drop off Brody with his sitter by 7:45 and head to Houston to Texas Children's, traffic really wasn't that bad so we go there about 35 minutes early.

Chase and I sat in the waiting room for a little while until the cardiologist came to get us to start the echo cardiogram.
 So you know the drill by now, shirt up, pants down a little, and goop on! READY SET GO!!! GO....GO....OK an hour and thirty minutes later we are done with the echo. This little girl was on the move, she is very active..which is a good thing. Anyway we go in to the " counsel room" and sit down with two cardiologist, they bring diagrams, information about Brynn's heart. Then go on to tell us that they do not think at this point its SEVERE HLHS....however it can very easily become this. We need Brynn's Aortic valve and Mitral valve to grow and have good flow to increase the chances of it NOT being SEVERE HLHS. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray specifically that they grow. We do know there will be a surgery within a week of birth to fix a severe Aortic Arch obstruction at the least. We feel very positive, and know that GOD is so amazing. We have been praying so much for God to show us where he wants us to be, and we believe that he is calling us to Texas Children's. We know that Hermann is an amazing hospital and have a lot to be thankful for with them, but it just feels "right" with Texas Children's. We will go back in about 4 weeks to meet with the Fetal team, Cardiology team and OB team. Chase and I just really thank you all so much for your compassion, prayers and just full on support!!! We ask you to please continue as we need all of you prayers we can get. God is so good....PRAISE HIM IN ALL YOU DO!!


  1. Words fail me... I am awed by the beautiful woman you have become, the faith filled woman. The MOM you are! I love you sweet one!

    I KNOW in my KNOWER that our beautiful Brynn is going the have the most beautiful heart! She already is soaking in ALL the prayers that are rising for her up to God on her behalf. She is a blessing already to each of us.

    Father we thank you for your healing power, your ability is beyond our imaginations and our scope of intelligence... We come before you with prayers for Brynn Faith, my precious granddaughter. Bring Brynn's Aortic valve and Mitral valve growth and cause it to have great flow to increase the chances of it NOT being SEVERE HLHS. You are The Great Healer, The Great Physician and as you knit Brynn together in her mothers womb, we pray your healing touch to be upon her! AMEN AMEN!

    Prayers continually rising...rising...rising...

    1. You are such are great example of a good Mom! No wonder your daughter is doing the same for Brynn Faith..