Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Second Appt

So it's Christmas....lots to do, shopping, family time, eating...( I was really excited about all the food!!! LOL) We spent the weekend before Christmas with my mom and dad's family...all of us together...Aunt's, Uncle's, Grandparents, everyone...even my nephew Zaden's birth mother and grandmother...it was a wonderful time! God really blessed us this last year. Zaden my sweet adorable nephew was born and became apart of our lives in March of 2012...So we had so much to celebrate and be thankful this Christmas. Chase and I tried really hard not to let all the worry over come us during this time, but of course its hard, but we have to focus on the blessings we have already. Christmas eve was spent with the Kaiser side of the family...it was very nice...everyone got together, played a white elephant game, we ate ( again loved the food..lol) and just really had a nice time. Christmas day was spent with My Mother in law, sisters in law, and my husband's Grandfather...We truly are blessed with amazing family on all sides!!!

So we get through Christmas and have our next appt scheduled January 2....So we ask everyone...anyone please be praying for a miracle. We wanted a miracle so bad we could taste it. My Mom, Dad and Mother in law were with Chase and I. It felt good to have that support. So my " Pose" and I walk into the ultra sound room to look at our little GIRL, still hard to believe we are having a girl.
   You know the routine now...pull the shirt up, put goop on and watch the screen...and maybe the face of the tech...just maybe by a reaction of facial expression so we can get a feel for what is going on, but she was pretty much stone faced. So about 45 minutes goes by and she is done with what she has to do, and gets the doctor to come in and talk to us. The doctor walks in sits down looks over the ultra sound and starts talking. He was very kind, very explanatory and willing to answer any and all questions. He proceeds to tell us he thinks Brynn has Aortic Coartaion, which is basically were some of the blood isn't flowing like it should....I am thinking " ok....and....at the same time I am having to remind my self to breathe again." He proceeds to let us know that this is a heart disorder that is treatable, and he has several patients with this same thing, and they live normal healthy lives every day!!! SO I breathe and say " so your telling me its NOT HLHS....FOR SURE?" his response....that is what I am telling you, I again say It's not Hypo plastic Left Heart? he again says that is correct I do not believe its HLHS....
Here come the water works again...Belly flopping up and down and this time it even more odd because I have an audience...LOL so they get to see my stomach looking like a bounce house with now kids jumping on it! HA! Then Chase says so this isn't what we originally thought? And again we here " No, it's not" PRAISE GOD!!!!! We have a miracle!!!! The doctor still wants us to go see a Fetal Cardiologist in the Medical Center and have a fetal echo cardiogram done just to check on this " Aortic Coartation" No biggie, we got this!! Better to be safe than sorry and more prepared. So we leave there with so much off our shoulders and happy tears rather than devastating tears....I even posted on FB the amazing News...and you know when it hits FB its official! LOL

So will will see the doctors 4 weeks later to have the echo cardiogram done and go from there. Still praising God, and walking with God through this journey were ready for this appointment....so we thought.

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  1. I remember every bit of this and am standing in awe at the way you are handling this journey! You are truly inspiring, and your faith is simply beautiful! I can't wait to meet precious Brynn!

    Brynn is already bringing blessings and causing each of us to lean into God, draw closer to Him!

    Hearts & Hugs,