Monday, January 21, 2013

Starting our Journey with Brynn Faith

Let us start by saying thank you all for the prayers! You all have been so amazing with the love and support you have provided through the beginning of this journey we are on.

So here we Go....September 2012 "Chase....I think I am pregnant!!!" Shock and excitement immediately set see we have a 2 year old son Brody and he took us a year to get pregnant and that was a to get pregnant the month we started trying was amazing (and so GOD) !!!! Then the nervousness set in...TWO KIDS??!!! EEKKK!!! I am over the moon excited but how in world am I going to have TWO KIDS...breathe Kellie Ann, Breathe...people do this every day and everything is fine...So the Kaiser's will be a family of 4 rather than a family of we go!!!

Fast forward to December 2012, 18 weeks pregnant driving to our doctors appt to find out what this sweet bean growing inside of me is. Girl or Boy? Chase thinks Girl, I think Boy. We get in the room, I lay down pull up my shirt and can't be any more thrilled. So I am laying there with all this warm goop...(it was nice to have it warm, I have had the cold stuff that makes you jump so far off the table you belly jiggles everywhere and well...that's just not cute! LOL) the ultra sound tech is looking at everything and the she's a GIRL!!!! We had a name already picked out so BRYNN FAITH it is! Chase and I said we really didn't care the sex as long as "it" is healthy but secretly we were so happy about her being a girl! So normally at this appt they check gender and the organs of the baby to make sure they are growing properly, no big deal, we have one PERFECT HEALTHY AMAZING CHILD so naturally we will get another. That's how it works, right? Or so we thought. We knew about 35 minutes in to this ultra sound something wasn't right, the tech was really focusing in on her heart, and looking at the screen very intense. No biggie right?...she just thinks my little GIRL is beautiful and is taking so many pictures so she can start her modeling career early...right??? No, soon after she is done she asks the fetal Doctor to come in and take a look...OK, this just got REAL! what the hay is going on? The doctor tells us she is concerned with the "baby's" heart...she doesn't think the "baby's" heart is developing correctly. As she is saying this for some reason all I am thinking is LADY the "baby" is  A GIRL AND HER NAME IS BRYNN FAITH!!! My mommy instinct went all cheetah like for a second...I had to tell my self again "BREATHE Kellie Ann...Breathe!!!" She tells us she thinks this is either just to early to tell because of gestation or she thinks Brynn might have HLHS (Hypo plastic Left Heart Syndrome), this is where the Left ventricle of the heart isn't developing correctly. Tears start to flow out the sides of my eyes...I am still laying there with my belly exposed, at this point my flabby belly is going a million miles an hour from me crying so hard I am sure it looked like the ocean tide rolling in HA! But really you never expect to hear these kinds of things especially when your have one healthy child.

So we leave the appt, numb lost and wanting answers....we immediately start praying, pleading with God...Lord, please don't let this be, let it be a mistake, take this from our sweet Brynn. Lord,I am selfish, these things don't happen to me. They happen others...But this was real and we knew if we were going to get through the next two weeks ( our next appt was scheduled for two weeks later) we needed prayer and God!! So ok, Christmas is coming lets just get through Christmas and we will deal later....


  1. Kellie Ann, you Chase, Brody and now Brynn are awesome! I can't wait to live the journey with you all! I love you, Dad

  2. I love you sister! I am SO very proud of you and Chase's faith. Y'all never cease to amaze me. God hand picked the PERFECT parents for precious Brynn Faith and Brody will make the absolute best big brother. I love you all deeply.

    Love and Smiles,

  3. You are amazing in he way you have grown into an amazing mommy! Love seeing the way your faith is leading you! I am holding you all and precious Brynn Faith in my heart and in my prayers! I know that she is going to grow up into the most incredible woman, just like her mama! Praising God with arms raised high!
    Love you endlessly,
    Mom :)